Adding Sparkle and Shine with Amazing Clear Cast

Amazing Clear Cast Resin is the best ever sealant for nearly every need. When using natural elements for decorations, Amazing Clear Cast will ensure that everything you make will last forever.

If what you are making has a hole from which to hang it, make sure that you coat the inside of the hole with resin so that it is protected also.

You can even use it to embellish items. Here, I've made a big bow for a basket decorated with pinecones. I brushed each pinecone with Amazing Clear Cast Resin using a disposable sponge brush, then sprinkled red and green glass glitter on top.

I gave it a few hours to dry and then brushed on another layer of resin because the glitter is tiny shards of glass and I don't want anyone to get cut. The resin seals in the glitter, protects the pinecones and will keep them looking great year after year... and it makes them waterproof.

What items will you embellish and preserve with Amazing Clear Cast Resin?