LUCKY lightweight Dimension that POPs!

Hello friends! Brenda here to share a little secret tip. I like to make reclaimed barnwood signs with dimension and I am "LUCKY" to have Amazing Mold Putty and Amazing Casting Resin in my crafty stash.  

For this sign I wanted to use a horseshoe to represent the "U" in LUCKY... since horseshoes are considered lucky! Many horseshoe projects use an actual horseshoe which are heavy and are tricky to mount. I mold my original horseshoe with Amazing Mold Putty and create one in resin. The best part of this sign though is the fact that my handmade resin horseshoe is SOOOO much lighter than the real horseshoe and makes this sign so much more appealing! I create a fabulous FAUX patina by applying Alumilite silver metallic powder to the Amazing Casting Resin and brushing Alumidust colors to mold.

What found objects would you mold to accent your home decor?