So Amazing... Handcarved Stamps

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Hello everyone! Susan here with an AMAZING idea using Amazing Mold Rubber. I am inspired by other creative friends who carve their own stamps. I have a pile of molds that are potential blank canvases for carving (they also make fun monoprinting shapes).

Select a mold with a pristine flat backside or a slab poured from Amazing Mold Rubber, a Speedball stamp carving tool, a scrap of paper and an ink pad! I have previously used speedball carving rubber, though it's a bit stiff and requires some practice to get the hang of detailed carving. I am excited to see how carving the mold rubber compares to traditional carving media as I set off carving away at the backside of one of my circular molds.

The mold rubber is much softer and pliable in comparison, and doesn't require as much pressure to carve into. This mold is about 2 1/2" in diameter and has well over 1/4" clearance above cast object inside. I wouldn't carve into a mold with a shallow depth so I don't cut into/disturb the cast detail. I have divided this into a quad and I have carved two designs so far – a wonky mosaic and a curved design sort of like a rainbow.

What designs would you create on the back of a mold?