Spellbinding Statement Jewels

I have in my stash, some oldies but goodies from Spellbinders Paper Arts – some awesome metal bezels that are solid and beautiful, with lots of room for inclusions. I grabbed some glitter and transformed this bezel into this bohemian inspired necklace with Amazing Clear Cast Resin.

How To

This is how my pendant started. A large silver Spellbinders "Gilded Life" Fleur Bezel. Not much to prepare except to make sure pendant is clean and free of fingerprints, prepare a work surface, and gather my favorite chunky glitter and Amazing Clear Cast Resin.

I prepared a batch of Amazing Clear Cast Resin – mixing equal portions of parts "A" and "B", then letting set to rest to let bubbles dissipate. I added some chunky glitter into the pendant and filled to the top with resin. I cover and set aside to cure overnight.

Meanwhile, I create a chain with some bohemian style beads from my local craft store and add my new pendant when the resin is cured!

Now I have this fabulous gorgeous necklace... and it was quick and easy! This would be a fun project for girl's night.

What would you embed in resin to make a fashion statement?