Broken Jewels to Bejeweled Hair Clip

Hi all! Aimée here today to share this little sweet piece created from broken costume jewelry. I thought I'd mold it to see how the Amazing Mold Putty would do and it did not disappoint!  Check out the details below!

How To

I was bummed when this piece of costume jewelry broke, but I kept it to use for molds. I'm sure I'll use these pieces for other projects, too.

I separated the pieces then I mixed two equal parts of Amazing Mold Putty and formed it around one the gems (CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation). The photo shows the awesome detail it picked up. I love how it caught all the facets of the gems.

Next, I took some cotton swabs and colored in each individual gem with some Alumidust. I chose copper, bright blue and deep purple.

Here is a detail of the different shades. The color possibilities are endless.

I mixed equal parts of the quick curing Amazing Casting Resin (CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation). It cures in no time!! I demolded and below is what you see.

Pop it out of the mold, use a bit of hot glue and add an alligator clip and it's ready to wear! 

This would be great for customizing outfits with matching accessories! Let's see what you can create with your broken treasures, Amazing Mold Putty and Amazing Casting Resin!