Amazing Transformations... Lizard Pin/Brooch REDUX

Hi everyone! Lyn here again with a fun Lizard Fall brooch/pin project for you that's full of sparkle. I originally created this pin years ago – back when Southwest design was all the rage... so the 80s...LOL! The last time I wore it the back leg broke off. 

How To

Now it's only made of Shrink Plastic so it's not very thick, it's kinda curved, and very textured. I've glued the leg back, but it may break off again. I decided to make a mold of it – so out comes the Amazing Mold Putty! It's perfect for getting the detail and I can add some depth to the pin at the same time. 

After mixing up equal portions of the 2-part Amazing Mold Putty, I pressed it out on my glass desktop to a pretty thin layer (1/4" or so), then I "rocked" the pin back a forth so that the whole pin made contact with the putty. I did it this way because I wanted the mold to be level and flat. I let this cure (it only takes 10-20 minutes). CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation.

Now for the resin! Here I used Amazing Casting Resin with a drop of Alumilite Dye in Brown so the final colors would really pop (CLICK HERE to view mixing and preparation). I always have molds on stand-by to fill with "left-over" resin when I mix more than needed. I set aside to cure (again 10-20 minutes depending on the weather).

It worked! The finished Amazing Casting Resin Lizard is still thin but thick enough to be rigid. So it shouldn't snap like the original did.

I glued a pin back to the back with a bit of E-6000® and let that cure for at least 30 minutes – but I let it set an hour just to be sure.

Now comes the FUN part! Using some Metallic Acrylic Paints, I "dry-brushed" the pieces starting with Gold, then Bronze and then Copper (you could use any colors). The paint dries really quick so in just a few minutes, you're ready for the next step... Rhinestones! Yep, Rhinestones!!! I have some of them in several sizes and colors. So I chose some Clear Aurora Boreallis – these reflect the colors perfectly (again, you could use any color). A bit of Black Acrylic Paint for the eyes and my fun, sparkly Fall rhinestone lizard brooch is done!