Happy Bird-Day... DIY Festive Ornament

Happy BIRD-day! Maria here today to share a fun project! You never know when or where artsy inspiration will strike. Some time ago after Easter, I went shopping and noticed these cute tin bird containers that were on clearance. They were filled with some type of hard candy, but all I could think about is how I wanted to make a mold out of the container!!!

How To

I prepared a batch of Amazing Mold Putty and pressed the side of the tin into the putty, bringing it up and around the sides to make a mold of my fun bird tin.

In about 10-15 minutes, the mold is ready to use! Amazing Mold Putty is truly amazing – it works fast and it captures lots of detail, too!

I create a casting using Amazing Casting Resin – it cures very quickly. Uncolored the resin is opaque white... a perfect base for hand-painting. 

I used a pencil to draw some patterns to get an idea of what designs I wanted. I could just ink these lines in with a black, gold or silver permanent pen and this would make a lovely ornament. But I plan to add some color!

I like to paint my pieces with white acrylic first. I find it allows me to use any type of paint I want on top afterward. For this project I used an assortment of DecoArt Patio Paints; simply because I love the bright colors.

First, I painted the base coat, all green. I had so much fun painting this little birdie... and suddenly all the painting was done. 

I used pens to draw in details to the bird – giving a bit more color and illusion of dimension. Then I added some extra detail with some small clear acrylic drops. The transparency of the drops make the colors underneath POP.

I glued some green ribbon to the back for hanging. I felt this little bird needed something else, and thought why not give this pretty bird a fun party hat... so I fashioned a hat from Rinea foil paper.

Now this little birdie is ready to party!