Frida Kahlo inspires #cre8time "VIVA LA VIDA"

Hi there! Maria here with a project I've been wanting to share with everyone. I love the artist Frida Kahlo, and after looking up some of her many quotes, I was inspired to create with these in mind. I created this piece inspired by a short but very strong phrase, "Viva la Vida" which means "Live Life". She looks AMAZING and love it! I think I will do a collection of "Frida" inspired frames like this one.

Shopping List
How To

I sketched an image of Frida, then took out my Walnut Hollow burning tool from and began to trace around the image.

I love burning images on wood. For this piece, I decided to add shading too. Whenever I draw or paint I have to add shading and details, though this is the first time I tried it on wood – and it will not be the last because I really loved how this turned out.

I used Plaid acrylic paints to add color to the piece, then I stamped the quote using black ink. As you can see the hair was left alone, as I didn't want to cover all the shading I had done. I used wood glue to put together the two pieces.

I used gold paint to paint the sides and the back of the finished frame.

Then I coiled some colored wire over a paintbrush, added some beads and wrapped it around the cut outs on the top corners. I also added beads to make her earring, and finished with some swarovski clear crystals. 

To finish off this piece I decided to add a layer of Amazing Clear Cast Resin. Not only would this resin give it a glass-like finish, but the colors would be brighter too.

I gathered these supplies in preparation: parchment paper, wipes, measuring cups, a mixing stick, and Amazing Clear Cast Resin. Using Amazing Clear Cast Resin is pretty easy. First you measure out equal amounts of parts "A" and "B" (please CLICK HERE to view mixing instructions). 

Add part "A" to part "B" and mix the Amazing Clear Cast Resin slowly. When completely mixed, let it sit for a few minutes for the bubbles to go away. Now the resin is ready to apply to the piece. I gently spread a thin layer of resin around using the mixing stick, and set aside to cure.