Fabulous FAUX Stained Glass

Hello Fellow Artists! It's Lara here with a project I've been dreaming to make for some time... Who wants to make some stained glass?! I've transformed an old frame into amazing faux stained glass and I'm excited to share it with you all! 

How To

I wanted to find a way to reuse a frame that I had acquired. So to start this project off, I cleaned the frame and got some plexiglass for the "glass".  I glued this into the frame itself so that I could call it a "window" of sorts! I used a relief paint by Pebeo that was the colour of lead, so it looked just like I had leaded it myself. I actually did a couple of layers of it, so I used a lot. Make sure to apply slow and deliberate so that there will be no holes or gaps in the lines whatsoever – otherwise the resin will seep through. To make this pattern, I printed a picture of a brick wall with a pattern I liked, placed behind the glass, and just followed it with the lead! I left this to dry, until fully cured.

I mixed up the first batch of Amazing Clear Cast Resin using Alumilite dyes, different shades of blue and purple and even added some sparkle to the resin with Alumilite Pearlescent Powder.

Using a stir stick, I slowly added resin to each of the squares, focusing on one color at a time. 

You can use the stick to push the resin up to the edges of each square, which helps prevent overpouring.

And I took my time. Which in the end produced a great piece, though it meant that my resin started to cure in the cups I mixed them in. I was able to get the pour done, but next time, I would only mix and apply one colour at a time. 

Which is exactly what I did for the Alumilite Silver Metallic Powder and the clear pearlescent resin I added later to complete the piece. I covered it up and let it cure overnight.

Add hanging hardware and ribbon and it now hangs lovely in our window! I couldn't be happier with it! Can't wait to add different colours to the collection! What type of stained glass would you make? Hope you enjoyed this project!