Valentine's Day Conversation Hearts

Hi everyone! Lyn here again – Let's have a conversation about... what else, "Hearts"?! A quaint Valentine's tradition, those little candy hearts with a message for your loved one inscribed on the front. So why not create these in resin?

How To

First I sculpted some hearts out of Super Sculpey and baked to cure following instructions on packaging. I made them double-sided so I could mold two off of each heart.

Using Amazing Mold Putty, I created a mold for each side of my sculpted hearts. I then mixed up Amazing Casting Resin with some Alumilite Dye in two cups – one colored red and one pink. In a third cup I left some resin uncolored, then poured into the molds and let cure. After cured and removed, I mixed up some Amazing Clear Cast Resin with some Alumilite Dye in Red and some red glitter to make the last two hearts.

I used acrylic paint to fill in the lettering with a fine detail brush. To display, I created a bowl using Cat Kerr's demo from Creativation using an embossing folder and Amazing Casting Resin, with the resin formed over a bowl while still pliable. What a super cute & fun project!

What Valentine's Day projects have you come up with for the season?