Like Honey to a Bee... Valentine's Day Decor

Hi everyone! Lyn here with really cute project to share using Amazing Casting Products just in time for Valentine's Day... it's something to Buzz about!

How To

It started out with this 5" x 6" crown shaped chipboard "canvas" for lack of a better term.

Now first I started off with this vintage Chalkware Salt Shaker that I picked up at a thrift store a few years ago – cute isn't he? Well I needed him to be flat on the back and light enough to use on the project... so out came the Amazing Mold Putty. I quickly molded him making sure the Amazing Mold Putty covered him at least half way up the sides, then layed him down on the table to flatten the back of the putty so I could pour him "level" when filling with resin. 

Once cured, I removed the salt shaker from the mold and then mixed some Amazing Casting Resin and also made a couple of bees using another mold from a previous project. These resin castings are ready to use in about 10 minutes.

Using a honeycomb stencil and some modeling paste, I added some texture to the background. Then I decided on the placement of the handmade elements for my design.

I glued down the elements then added some graphite texture paste around them and around the edges and let it all dry.

Then I covered the entire piece with some Gesso to give a uniform surface to paint on.

Now the fun begins! I painted the entire piece with some yellow acrylic paint, followed by some orange acrylic paint, and then spritzed the entire piece with some water and let it run down the "canvas". I finished it off with a little spray with some pearl shimmer and some Silver Spark Metallic Luster.

For the finishing touch – I mixed up some Amazing Clear Cast Resin with a bit of Alumilite Dye (yellow with the tiniest touch of orange), and let it set in the mixing cup for roughly an hour to thicken up – I needed it to to be thick and not runny for this step. I placed "drips" of this "honey" in some strategic places and the tilted the "canvas" at an angle so the "honey" would "drip". You need the resin to be thick in order for it not to run off your piece and not level out.