Christmas at the Cabin

Hello everyone! Lyn Gill here again with another fun project... a Christmas Cabin! It's a little electric tea light holder that I created for the Holidays!

How To

I created the main pieces from Super Sculpey, just simple shapes kind of like those from a paper doll house and add detailed embellishments to add dimension. I bake according to directions to cure.

Then I molded each of these orginals with Amazing Mold Putty... at this point I am super excited about the outcome!

I fill each with a mixture of Amazing Casting Resin and Alumilite Dye in Native American Fleshtone; this would result in a reddish brown color. I filled each and let resin cure in the molds.

After de-molding, I brushed on a little more of the dye to give it the true look of wood. To create a clear glass window, I then lined the back of the window with painters tape and poured a little bit of Amazing Clear Cast Resin tinted with yellow Alumilite Dye into the window area. I let it set up overnight.

For the roof pieces, I left the white color of the Amazing Casting Resin. 

The snow texture on the base is created from Super Sculpey and acrylic paint as well.

I added some of the details – a tree, shrub, wreath, door and window shutters using the Super Sculpey.

Finished off with a tea light my cabin is so fun and festive! It truly shines a little light on the Holidays!