DIY Drizzle Masks with Amazing Remelt

I love to make ATCs and from time to time I play along with swaps and themed challenges – this is a fun way for me to try new techniques and styles that are outside of my creative box. For this particular project I needed a heart, but I don't have a stencil or stamp to use... but I can make one, quick. Amazing Remelt to the rescue!

Shopping List
How To

I start with a base of painted watercolor paper that has been collaged with a deli paper monoprints in a blue and green color scheme. I trimmed paper to ATC size (2 1/2" x 3 1/2"), leaving the bottom edge raw with torn edges for interest.

I want to have a scribbly heart shape, and I don't have a stamp or stencil that will work. I don't want to draw it, I'd a heart that is more random and organic. I've seen by masks made using glue sticks, and I think this will work similarly using Amazing Remelt. I won't keep you in suspense... it does and it's probably even easier!

I melt down a small amount of Amazing Remelt in the microwave, and I make a series of dribbly hearts by drizzling Amazing Remelt onto my non-stick craft mat (I used my melt pot liner for ATC sizing). In just a few minutes these cool and solidify and are ready-to-use!

I select the desired heart shape and size, then I place it onto my painted background and spray with a black, shimmery spray. This is so fun!

I let the spray sit and dry a bit before removing my new handmade mask – revealing all the gorgeous blue and green! Then I brushed some water at the top where the spray was still a bit wet and let the black color drip down.

I give this a blast with a heat gun to dry everything and add a few pastel strokes to the heart. I add a pair of stamped/embossed butterfly wings to the sides of the heart, raised with dimensional dots. To finish, I add some stenciling with punchinella and spell out "dare to dream" with white pigment ink and heat set. I add gold photo corner and edge the card edges with gold ink... VOILA!

With my new mini masterpiece complete, I decide to mount it on some glittered cardstock accented with gold and black stenciling through punchinella. 

"Dare to Dream" is complete and this heart ready to soar.

This was a fun experiment in making a mask in a jiffy, I can make them in any shape and size, clean them off and remelt them into something else.

What amazing shapes will you drizzle for your mixed-media art?