Butterfiles take #Cre8time Flight...

Hello friends! Michele here... I am in spring cleaning mode in my craft room and came across a butterfly knob that I stashed away to mold on a rainy day. Well since I found it and it happened to be raining, I got busy molding and casting.

How To

I used Amazing Mold Putty to mold the knob. I sized my mold putty just a tad smaller than the knob. Because when you push the item into the putty it will spread out the sides of item being molded. As you gently press into the mold putty, you want to bring up the sides to create walls so resin will stay contained.


Just look at all the detail! This mold can be used a couple of ways, to mold the entire butterfly or just the wings.

Next I cast with Amazing Clear Cast Resin, but first I painted some Alumilite Pearlescent Powder in the mold. First the pearlescent on the wings, and then a little bronze metallic powder on the body.

I mixed the Amazing Clear Cast Resin and poured into the mold – right over the powder.

For the next casting, I used Amazing Casting Resin mixed with brown Alumilite Dye. I wanted it to look like Bronze so first I used the Bronze Metallic Powder in the mold.

These two casts from the same mold turned out so different!! I am really looking forward to seeing how using just the wings works out too. What a versatile mold!